Lost Path

Poster Design - Event Collatorals
The Decibel Collective
Lost Path

The task is to design a poster and event design collaterals for a music festival called "Lost Path," which took place on November 10th, 2019, by a lake just outside Lahore, Pakistan. The festival featured a mix of international and local music acts on multiple stages, offering a unique audio-visual experience that allowed attendees to create their own little world while dancing under the moonlight.

The poster design captured the essence of the festival's location, with a focus on the lake and its surroundings. It showcased the diverse range of musical acts and the promise of an unforgettable experience. The design was bold, vibrant, and attention-grabbing, with clear typography and legible information.

The event design collaterals included merchandise, stage designs, directional signage, and tickets. The merchandise was designed with the festival's theme and location in mind, using natural and earthy colors to convey the ambiance of the event. The stage designs were unique and visually appealing, creating a distinct atmosphere for each stage. Directional signage was clear and easy to read, guiding attendees through the festival's different areas. The tickets were designed to reflect the festival's aesthetic and theme.

Overall, the poster and event design collaterals conveyed the excitement and energy of the Lost Path music festival, while also capturing the beauty of the location and the promise of an unforgettable experience. The festival was a huge success, drawing in crowds from all over Pakistan and beyond, and leaving attendees with memories that would last a lifetime.

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