Smog City Sessions

Smog City Sessions

Misbah ud Din, of Lahore's progressive funk band Keeray Makoray and a renowned solo indie musician and I started the studio with the idea that we could play our humble part in the city's musical culture. We came up with a plan for shooting outdoor sessions with various artists. It was fun. The idea was to create live music in the outdoors but eventually settled down with just doing these sessions in the vicinity of Misbah's house and eventually expanding to nearby fields yet to be further "developed". During the season when we were busy shooting these sessions, I couldn't help but notice how the city had limited spaces for any creative sessions and was literally limited to the garden patch outside your house. The smoggy atmosphere of the season added to that reduced space as well. After convincing Misbah we decided to call this segment from our studio: “The Smog City Sessions”Lastly I would like to add that it has been amazing working with the brilliant Abdullah (AR) of the kickass indie magazine Mosiki – He single handedly took us to another level. Thanks to the various artists who made this possible for us as well.

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