Album Artwork
Janoobi Khargosh

In a distant galaxy, there was an alien mining colony that was facing a catastrophic crisis. Their planet's resources were depleting rapidly, and they had no way of saving it. They consulted their wise elders who told them that there was only one way to save their world - they had to find "beauty" in the vast expanse of the universe.

But how would they find this elusive concept of beauty? The elders explained that they had an object encasing "the truth" which would guide the chosen one to their destination. After much debate and discussion, the colony decided to hold a competition to select the chosen one who would embark on this dangerous and vital mission.

Eventually, a young and adventurous alien named Zorg was chosen to undertake this task. With the object encasing "the truth" in hand, Zorg set off into the unknown depths of space, hoping to find beauty and save his world.

As he traveled through the cosmos, Zorg encountered all sorts of strange and wondrous things. He saw planets made of crystal, stars that sang melodies, and galaxies that glowed with colors beyond human comprehension. But despite all these marvels, Zorg couldn't find anything that he thought qualified as beauty.

After months of wandering, Zorg was ready to give up hope. That's when he stumbled upon a planet unlike any other he had seen. It was a world filled with creatures of all shapes and sizes, each one more unique and beautiful than the last. Zorg realized that this was the beauty he had been searching for all along - the diversity and wonder of life itself.

With this newfound realization, Zorg returned to his colony and shared his discovery. They were overjoyed and celebrated his success. They used the information he brought back to help restore their world's resources, and from that day on, they lived in harmony with the universe, cherishing its beauty and diversity.

The album cover could depict Zorg on his journey through space, with the object encasing "the truth" in hand, looking out into the endless void. It could also feature some of the strange and beautiful things he encountered on his journey, such as crystal planets or singing stars. The cover could use vibrant colors and surreal imagery to capture the otherworldly nature of the story.

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